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Alginate Dressing Sheets or Rope

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Highly absorbent alginate wound care dressings for use on moderately to heavy draining wounds, ulcers or surgical sites.

The details of each option are listed below. The product will be similar to or any combination of the brands below: 

Alginate 2"x 2"

ConvaTec Aquacel Extra (REF#420671) 2"x 2"

DermaRite DermaGinate (REF# 00260E) 2"x 2"

Hartmann Sorbalgon (REF# 49200000) 2"x 2"

Hollister CalciCare (REF# 529938R) 2"x 2"

Molnlycke Melgisorb Plus (REF# 252000) 2"x 2"

Alginate 4"x 4"

ConvaTec Aquacel Extra (REF# 420674) 4"x 5"

DermaRite DermaGinate (REF# 00270E) 4.25"x 4.25"

Dynarex DynaGinate (REF# 3027) 4.25"x 4.25"

3M Tegaderm Alginate (REF# 90112) 4"x 4"

Medline Maxorb Extra (REF# MSC7044EP) 4"x 4"

Alginate 4"x 8"

Medline Maxorb (REF# MSC7048EP) 4"x 8"

Molnlycke Melgisorb Plus (REF# 252000) 2"x 2"

Alginate Rope

Coloplast Biatain (REF# 3740) 1"x 17"

DermaRite DermaGinate (REF# 00275E) 1"x 12"

ConvaTec Kaltostat (REF# 168132) 2g 

Covidien Curasorb (REF# 9231) 1"x 12" 

What is an Alginate Dressing? Alginate dressings are used as a topical wound dressing for moderate to high exudating wounds absorbing up to 17-20 times its own weight. Most brands of alginate dressings conform to any wound bed, gel on contact with moisture, and assist in maintaining a moist wound healing environment. 

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