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Do I need a doctor's order to buy wound care supplies?

No, all products found on our website are considered over the counter. You can buy any and as many dressings you choose at any time. 

Can I buy supplies if I do not have an email address?

Yes, call us at 888-659-2840 Monday thru Saturday 8am - 6pm CST to place a phone order. 

Do I have to buy a kit in order to buy any of the Cover Dressings or Extras?

No, you can buy any product on our website at anytime, there are no requirements.

What if I have multiple wounds and need much more than what is in one kit?

Live chat, Call or Contact Us Here! We will work with you to build a custom kit based on your needs. We can also create custom bulk or wholesale orders. 

The product description states "similar to", how will I know which brand I am buying?

The brands we carry may vary from time to time, but will always be similar to the like kind brands listed in the description. 

I use the same supplies every month, can I set up for my auto-renew every month?

Yes, contact us to set up a subscription.

Can I  buy kits to sell in my medical office or clinic? 

Yes, contact us to purchase a private labeled bulk order. 

Will you be adding more sizes and/or types of dressings?

Yes, we will continue to expand our kit selection. Please contact us with suggestions of products you would like to see added. 

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Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!