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Hydrocolloid with or without Adhesive Border

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Hydrocolloid Alginate Dressings, DuoDerm, Comfeel, Flexicol, Tegaderm and more.

Click on the product name for additional information. The product will be similar to or any combination of the brands below:

Hydrocolloid 2"x 2" 

Coloplast Comfeel Plus Transparent (REF# 3530) 2x2

ConvaTec DuoDERM Extra Thin Spots (REF# C4742B) 2x2

Hartmann FlexiCol (REF# EV48600000)

Hydrocolloid 4"x 4"

Coloplast Comfeel (REF# 3213) 4x4

ConvaTec DuoDERM CGF (REF# CC2352) 4x4

Covidien Ultec Pro (REF# 9801) 4x4

DermaRite DermaFilm HD (REF# 00239E) 4x4

DermaRite DermaFilm Clear (REF# 00219E) 4x4

Hollister Restore Extra Thin (REF 519921) 4x4

Hollister Restore with Tapered Edge (REF 519956) 4x4

3M Tegaderm Thin (REF# 90023) 5x6

Hydrocolloid with Adhesive Border 4"x 4" 

3M Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Thin (REF# 3M90022) 4x4

DermaRite DermaFilm Thin (REF# 00259E) 4x4

Hydrocolloid Sacral 

Coloplast Comfeel (REF# 3285) 7x8

Covidien Ultec Pro (REF# 9805) 4x5

DermaRite DermaFilm Thin (REF# 00279E) 6x7

3M Tegaderm (REF# 90007) 6x6

Hydrocolloid dressings protect against bacteria and contamination from air or fluids. Hydrocolloids gel on contact with the wound bed, providing autolytic debridement and a moist healing environment. Many types of hydrocolloid dressings also contain alginate, allowing for more absorption of exudate. 

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